Hair and Fur

The finished product 

 About Our Original Funny Brush

The Funny Brush is like nothing you have seen before! The famous "Funny Brush" does not conform to the standard brush you are used to seeing, but you will hardly believe the amazing fast results!

Since 1973 serious artists have been happily creating beautiful trees, foliage, grass and many other subjects.. Hard to do textures are a breeze with the 'Funny Brush". It is made to be used with Oils, Acrylics, Casein, Inks... or just about any media!

With a loaded a brush, use spontaneous downward strokes following the movement of flowing water as it tumbles over the rocks


The effect of grass is easily accomplished by using up and down strokes

Lesnick Art Products The Funny Brush

Grass and Waterfall


The search for creating hair is over,  Just by making downward strokes with The Funny Brush in the same way one would brush their own hair

Painting Animal fur

This approach is great for long haired animals also. For animals with short hair, use  quick short downward strokes

Below are a few of the many ways one can use The Funny Brush

To Create and care for your Funny Brush Is Simple with these easy directions below


Load your Brush with paint

Foliage and Trees

The Endless over working of painting foliage and shrubs is over by simply with a loaded brush dab and stipple over the surface of your canvas, paper, or panel board.